Dr Ted Achacoso
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Dr. Ted Achacoso

Dr. Ted Achacoso wants to Democratize Enlightenment TM . Dr. Ted entered college at the age of 15. Magically accelerated, he studied, trained, researched, taught, worked, or founded companies in biology (BS), medicine (MD), pharmacology/toxicology, interventional neuroradiology, neurology, medical informatics, sci-tech investing, groupware, AI-based FX quant trading, interventional endocrinology (anti-aging medicine) and nutritional medicine (board certified in both, Paris), and pharma-grade supplements. His bench research is on medicinal plants, neuroimaging of tropical CNS infections, connectomes, artificial intelligence, and consciousness. His global contributions include the first-ever complete connectome for an organism (book), the first-ever commercial wireless groupware, the terms “artificial ethology” and “computational neuroethology,” the new clinical specialty of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe, a US non-profit), and the top-secret “Achahuasca.” Dr. Ted currently maintains a tricontinental practice (NA, EU, AS), delivers lectures, and runs companies. He is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, holds US patents, is chronologically 60, telomerically 32, and epigenetically 22.5.

Ted Achacoso
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