Dr. Elliot Lander
Master Class Speaker

Elliot B. Lander, M.D. F.A.C.S

Dr. Elliot Lander, a Board Certified Urologist, a Board-Certified Surgeon and is Co-Medical Director of California Stem Cell Treatment Center. Dr. Lander is doing clinical research on his patented liposome encapsulated pentosan for the treatment of interstitial cystitis and is founder of Nanologix Research Inc. Dr. Lander is a pioneer in regenerative urology with publications on using stem cells to treat Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction, and interstitial cystitis. Also, one area of very special interest includes the study of the use of stem cells in developing cancer vaccines.

Dr. Lander is currently involved in IRB approved translational stem cell treatment research at the California Stem Cell Treatment Center based in Rancho mirage and Beverly Hills. He is a founding member of the International Cell Surgical Society ICSS. Dr. Lander is co-author of The Stem Cell Revolution, a popular book on regenerative medicine.

Author: con2022