Jack Dell'Accio
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Jack Dell’Accio

Founding Member of Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab | Health and Wellness Enthusiast | Sustainability and Chemical Free Advocate | Entrepreneur of the Year | Eco Citizen Award Recipient

Founder and CEO of Essentia, Jack also leads the company in its material science developments for the healthiest sleep outcomes.

Through the years leading Essentia Jack has worked directly with health gurus, professional athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and over 25% of the NHL players on creating healthy sleep performance. Some of the greatest athletes have relied on Essentia for best recovery outcomes, these include Kevin Love, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Matt Duchene, and Haley Wickenheiser to name a few.

In keeping with his vision on keeping Essentia at the forefront of sleep wellness, Jack has closely worked with globally renowned health leaders/gurus and interpreted their teachings in human sustainability and how they can apply to better sleep. Through the years Jack has established Essentia as the leading sleep wellness product and has to lead the space in truly restorative sleep. Those health gurus today use, endorse and recognize Essentia as the leading wellness mattress. They include wellness leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dave Asprey, Deepak Chopra, Ben Greenfield, Brian Clement, Andy O’Brien, Dr. Frank Lipman, Delos (The founders of the Well Health Safety Rating & Stay Well Properties), Dr. Jace Provo, and many more.

Through Jack’s involvement with Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, Essentia has also focused on healthy sleep during travel and is a key health feature in Stay Well rooms in hotels such as the Four Seasons, Marriott’s, MGM Resorts, and many more.

Recognized by several internationally renowned institutions for creating the healthiest sleep environment, Essentia has been rated #1 for 6 consecutive years on Consumer Reports including 2021. Essentia is also the only approved mattress by the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Jack strives for balance and his ambition for Essentia’s growth includes growth for the people at Essentia, thoughtfully designed products and processes, and the wellness of both Essentia clients and our communities.

In response to the impacts that Covid-19’s impact on our communities, Jack repositioned Essentia’s altruistic Betterhood Program which now focuses on donating mattresses, foundations, and pillows to local charities with a focus on charities that can help spread wellness through sleep with a donation goal of over $1.2 million worth of products throughout the year. This includes charities that help families impacted by natural disasters, job loss, and other issues highlighted by COVID-19 such as women and children in abusive environments and those suffering from depression.


Jack Dell'Accio
Author: Jack Dell'Accio